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Multiple control panels.

Types of fire alarm control panels

Victofire 80

Conventional Fire
Alarm Panel

Victofire 300

Fully Addressable Fire
Alarm Panel

Victofire 7000

Fully Addressable Fire Alarm Cum Public Address System For Large Infrastructure

Control on system

Fire Alarm Control Panel

The Victofire Control Panel is an advanced, fully addressable, integrated fire alarm and public address system that is designed for large infrastructure. The control panel consists of a display section, a Central processing unit, a Line Signalling unit, a Networking unit, an Output Driver unit, a Power Supply Unit which are compactly built on 2 boards.


The Victofire offers a fire alarm control panel that can be linked with up to 10,000 devices.

Integration of LPG Gas Leak, Panic Sensors, Occupancy Sensors, Extinguisher Monitoring Unit, Sprinkler System, and Public Addressing System without any additional modules. For public address purposes, it includes a talkback system, a common annunciator in all zones, and a zone-specific automatic messaging system.

The system has a unique 2-tier addressable cabling architecture that eliminates 75% of the cable without any compromise on fault or trouble-annunciation architecture. Less cabling and structured cabling offer great maintenance since it makes it easier to identify fault areas. 

An intuitive zone-wise display panel that has 256 tri-colour LEDs divided into groups of 32 zones each and a 240-character LCD display. Panels provide the status of 800 data points such as zones in fire, Fault, LPG Gas Leak, Extinguisher Removed/Empty, Panic, Zone Occupancy Status, and Zone with Sprinkler Break, etc.

The Control Panel provides an easy interface to the system pressurisation unit to turn on the pressurisation fans during fire conditions. A similar interface is provided for lift control to turn off the lift during a fire condition.

The Fire Alarm Control Panel also provides an interface to the Building Management System to transmit its status and information via modbus or backnet protocol using Ethernet or RS-485. 

Every instance at your notice.

Constant Online Reporting

Integrated with the Fire Ready server and application that will continuously monitor and announce.