Area and Floor module

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Area and Floor modules

The Victofire has segmented the system based on the purpose of infrastructure. The two systems are differentiated between industrial and residential infrastructures. Area and floor modules are specially intended for Commercial and Industrial infrastructure safety intent.


Area modules

The comprehensive Area modules system is employed in a commercial and industrial infrastructure and they consist of Manual Call Points, hooters, Microphones, and Public Address speakers. These area modules receive signals from detectors, sprinkler flow switches from various zones.

LED will be present in areas modules, it flashes a light when it receives signals from Manual Call Point, Smoke Detectors/ Heat Detectors, Sprinkler Flow Switch. Structuring the cable made it easy to find out the exact location of a fire or fault device.

Surveillance on every floor.

Floor modules

The Floor module provides a common announcement when a fire is detected by any of the area modules in the floor. The floor modules include Manual Call Point, Hooter, Mic, and PA speaker. In commercial infrastructure, the Floor Module is used to interface the detectors in common areas like the lobbies or corridors.


The floor module is also connected with to a sprinkler flow switch and an extinguisher monitor unit. When an extinguisher is empty or missing, the extinguisher monitor unit sends a notification to the floor module which will be indicated in the main fire alarm control panel.