India’s First False Alarm Immune Smoke Detector

Smoke Detectors play a vital role in saving lives, and preventing excessive damage through early detection. Smoke Detectors today work on the principle of photoelectric scattering of light. During the occurrence of a fire, a beam of light is sent into the smoke detector chamber, this light is then reflected into a photoelectric receiver.

Detectors, based on the quantum of reflected light, will estimate the presence of smoke. However there exist many particles like dust, steam, talcum powder, and other micro-particles that can enter the detector’s chamber, and cause false alarms.

Repeat false alarms, causes a degradation of faith in the accuracy of the fire detection system which could be dangerous at the time of a real fire. A classic case of boy who cried wolf. But in this situation, ignoring fire alarm systems can be a matter of life and death.

Victofire Pyrox is the first and only smoke detector immune to false alarms. Researched, Designed and Developed by Indian Engineers, Victofire detectors will not alert when it senses particles like dust, steam, cement, talcum powder, room fresheners, and mosquito repellent sprays, but are only triggered when smoke enters the detector’s chamber. 

We are not only able to distinguish different kinds of particles using complex algorithms, but also different types of smoke. These detectors are the outcome of years of research by veteran Indian Engineers from the field of Optical Electronics recognizing a need for accurate fire detection systems, reinstilling the faith that consumers have in fire alarms.

Kudos to Indian Engineering.

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