India’s First False Alarm Immune Smoke Detector

 The smoke detectors are used to alert when smoke appears in a room. This works on the basis of the principle of photoelectric scattering of light. During the occurrence of fire, a beam of light is sent into the smoke detector chamber, this light is reflected into a photoelectric receiver. Detectors, based on the quantum of reflected light, will estimate the presence of smoke. However, there are many conditions where there exist many other particles like dust, steam, talcum powder, and other micro-particles that enter the detector’s chamber, and there are chances the light can get reflected by these particles. 

Most of the detectors give false alarms when they sense these particles, creating a panic situation among people. 

Victofire Pyrox is the first and only smoke detector being immune to false alarms that are developed by Indian Engineers. Victofire detectors will not alert when it senses particles like dust, steam, cement, talcum powder, room fresheners, and mosquito repellent sprays, but only triggered when smoke enters the detector’s chamber. 

 This was achieved using complex algorithms, which results in detectors finding smoke by differentiating the amount of light reflected by different particles. These detectors are the outcome of 4 years of research by veteran Indian Engineers from the field of Optical Electronics who achieved this fantastic feat thus offering a break from exasperating false alarms. Kudos to Indian Engineering.

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